We offer our customers a wide range of solutions across voice, documents and data. Everything we do is designed to help you increase your business productivity, remove risk and save you money.

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Managed Print

We ensure our customers create, access, store and print documents efficiently within their business - typically resulting in costs savings of 30%.


Whether on-premise or fully hosted, we design and implement telephony solutions that make sense for our customers - big or small.


We design and deliver seamless audio and video solutions around the world, facilitating cloud-based communications and collaboration.

Production Print

Enable your business to create high quality brochures, leaflets and reports on demand with our reprographic solutions.


We offer the mobile print, Bring Your Own Device and Single Device solutions that a modern workforce needs to be productive and secure.

Contact Centre

We deliver full contact centre solutions, with interactive voice response, work force optimisation, voice recording and social media integration.

Print Rationalisation

Our rationalisation service is an easy way to make your print fleet efficient and cost-effective, while still retaining your existing devices.


We deliver the right network and connectivity solutions - whether MPLS, IPVPN, Ethernet, Broadband, SIP or traditional PSTN services.


At Ethos, we are expert at designing the right service wrap to ensure you get the very most out of every Voice, Documents and Data technology deployed.

Info on Hold

We can provide your company with a bespoke marketing broadcast which is specifically produced to deliver key business information to your listeners.

Let’s Talk Customer Experience


Your Partners in Growth and Change.

It should come as no surprise to learn that most companies want to improve and succeed, to keep pace with technology change and customer demand – to differentiate from, and stay ahead of – the competition.

At Ethos, we are focused on providing a range of management consulting services to customer-facing businesses, locally and internationally. Our approach comprises a combination of proven technologies and methodologies, as well as significant industry and technology expertise – enabling us to help clients discover opportunities for business transformation success. 

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How we work

In business, the one constant is change. That's why we continually re-assess your needs, ensuring our service is always tailored to the exact requirements of your business - today and tomorrow.


We map your communications infrastructure, workflows, device usage and expenditure, working with management and end-users to get a ‘real-world’ understanding of your business.


Day to day, we take care of every aspect of your communications infrastructure, enabling you to redeploy staff resources onto higher value tasks within your business.


This holistic approach allows us to understand how you use voice, documents and data today and to identify the key opportunities for efficiency savings.


We provide regular reports on the exact levels of usage and expenditure each month and use this data to continually optimise the service we deliver.


At the heart of our delivery model is our independence. We’ve remained independent because it’s the best way to deliver what our customers need.

Let's talk Voice & Data

Voice and Data solutions represent some of the biggest IT investments your business will ever make.

  • Voice
  • Data

It's time to think Unified

If you look across your business, there's great potential to save money but the complexity of the sector, obscure billing procedures and the sheer number of providers involved often works against companies looking to realise these savings.

That’s where we come in.

We typically save our customers 50% on their telephony bills and up to 30% on their network costs, whilst delivering an improved service and all the productivity benefits that entails. 

That's the Ethos advantage.

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Let's talk Documents

40% of business activity relies on information in document format.

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It's time to make print work harder for your business

Improving your document infrastructure is an easy way to make an impact on your company's bottom line. Bringing together all your print activities through a managed print service allows you to save money and focus on your core business.

That's where we come in.

Our customers typically see a 30% reduction in their document costs. Our commitment to efficiency helps you save money, be more productive and minimise your environmental footprint.

That's the Ethos advantage.

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Let's talk Solutions


Businesses today are faced with an unprecedented array of technology and vendors

What differentiates successful organisations from the competition is their ability to deploy technology and solve identifiable business challenges and create new opportunities for efficiency and growth.

That’s where we come in.

At Ethos, we have a customer first approach. We get to the heart of our customers’ business objectives and our bespoke service transforms technology into real world solutions that really deliver. This independent and customer-led approach allows us to create unified solutions that ensure you get the greatest possible value from any technology deployed. 

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What really surprised us about Ethos was that they recommended we keep using many of the older devices in our fleet. Their common sense approach made the most of our existing assets and our resources.

Partnership Executive Officer, Bates Wells Braithwaite, Solicitors
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We work with all the leading providers and our independent advice ensures our customers get exactly the right solutions, tailored to their individual business needs. That's the Ethos promise.

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