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See what hackers see and already know about you with our Cyber Risk Scorecards.

Cyber Risk Scorecards.

Let us help you with our Cyber Risk Rating report, enabling you to continually measure the probable financial impact resulting from a cyber attack. 

Measurement can be completed on any company, third party or business partner, with the only information needed is a URL or domain name. 

With no set-up or installation process required, our specialist team at Ethos will support a rapid and non-invasive deployment. 

Our report will provide insights and analytics for 3 key areas of Cyber Risk: 

1. Technical review, rate and grade the underlying technical infrastructure detail and automatically highlight areas for review and improvement

2. Financial quantify the probable financial impact resulting from a cyber breach as a monetary value

3. Compliance determine compliance with industry standards regulations and best practices, e.g. GDPR compliance

"Initially, cyber security was not a major concern until we experienced a hacker attempting to gain access to payment systems - it made us realise we needed to understand where our weaknesses were.

The cost of Cyber Assessment is nothing compared to the thousands of pounds you could lose to a breach or hacker. It's an absolute no brainer.

We recommend anyone to do it before you have to... We are happy thanks to Ethos."

Rivervale Leasing,
Group Manager.

Security, Cyber, Storage & Cloud


Compliance with industry and legal regulatory standards, such as GDPR, are of significant importance. The Compliance Report provides a percentage score compliance level against various regulations and best practices.

Compliance Reports correlate findings to industry open standards and best practices. The cross-correlation capability measures the compliance level of a company for different regulations based on the input given saving a lot of time and effort.


The report does all of its work without modifying any assets and the only information required is the domain name of the company requested.

Data is compiled into a simple, readable report with letter grade scores that help to identify and mitigate potential security risks. 

It identifies the risks, the risk score of the corresponding vulnerabilities or weaknesses and attack patterns based on MITRE's Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment Framework. 


Cyber Security Risk reporting has become a critical issue between the technical team and the Board. However, many security issues get 'lost in translation' when reported back. 

Using the FAIR™ model to calculate the probable financial impact (risk) in case of a data breach, translates the 'security language' to 'business language' and this, is a game changer in security reporting.

FAIR™ has become the only international standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for cyber security and operational risk.

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