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Wednesday 25th March 2020.

As we have now entered into a phase of lockdown Ethos Groups' central focus is to protect the health and wellbeing of our Staff, Clients, Suppliers, Families and the Communities that we all live in. As a business, we are taking the Government advice and acting on it to ensure that we all save lives and play our part in reducing the strain on our amazing NHS, whilst mitigating any risk to the business processes of our customer where we have a part to play.

We have a robust senior leadership team, continuing to drive our business. Meeting on a daily basis, updating our Business Continuity and COVID-19 extended action plan daily, ensuring that we identify new risks and that, as a business, we are proactive. We are working closely with our supply chains to understand their challenges, allowing us to plan so that our support to our clients is maintained at the highest level during this very fluid, challenging situation.

In addition to the support that we may offer to our clients, we have devised a number of short-term offerings that could be rolled our very quickly to support our customers in additional areas of their businesses. We are unique with our independence and offerings, many of which are geared to enable remote working... just ask us how.

Our support to our clients is priority, particularly within the many GP surgeries and hospitals that we work with. We are all being challenged on a daily basis, both in business and on a personal level, working together to the same end of saving lives is paramount and I thank you all for your continued support... by working together, supporting each other, we will achieve the best results in quite frankly the most unprecedented of times.

Stay safe and my very best wishes to you all.

Barry Matthews
Chief Executive Officer.

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