Hybrid Mail

If your organisation is striving to reduce overheads, increase productivity, reinforce corporate identity and maintain document integrity. it is unlikely you have already considered changing the way you process your mail as a method of accomplishing this. Even if you have, it is likely you found the reality of doing so impractical.

Our Hybrid Mail is a complete mailing solution that will enable your entire organisation to compose, manage and print mail in such a way that associated overheads are significantly reduced, your mailing process becomes more streamlined, and your documents are released within a controlled environment.

Our Service

To enable your organisation to work the way it wants, and to ensure your mail is composed, printed and finished in the most efficient and cost effective way, three Hybrid Mail systems are available:

Whichever method you choose, mail is transmitted electronically to an in-house or off-site location where it is printed, folded then inserted into an envelope ready for collection by a carrier and delivery by the Royal Mail.

The benefits

Central Print System
Central Print System means users no longer require their own printer, reducing toner/ink, leasing, maintenance and operating costs

Central Print System​
Central print system means mail no longer needs to be collected from multiple locations, or taken to a post room or mail carrier in person

Central Print System
Central print system and an option to send an email keeps the carbon footprint of the mailing process to a minimum

Secure Login​
Secure login and SSL data encryption prevents unauthorised access and keeps mail confidential

Mail Preparation
Mail is prepared in such a way that the higher discounts provided by the Royal Mail’s Business Mail services can be more easily attained

OMR Marks​
OMR marks or a 2D barcode can be added to mail so folder inserter equipment can be used and manual finishing can be eliminated

Browser Based
Browser based and desktop interfaces mean mail can be composed and transmitted to the Hybrid Mail server from almost anywhere

API means in-house host applications can be used with Xerox mail so existing mail composition processes and templates can be retained

Our Process

Step 1

A Web interface where mail is composed within an Internet Browser using familiar Word processing tools

Step 2

A Print client is used to integrate mail into the Hybrid Mail environment from any Windows application that can print

Step 3

An API that enables your own host applications to work seamlessly with Hybrid Mail