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10th February 2016.

Holy Crepe! Team Ethos once again race in the name of pancakes.

We once again just missed out on reclaiming our pancake race title at Leadenhall Market's annual pancake day race. 

It’s that time of year again – Pancake Day! Following on from last year’s disaster Team Ethos were once again ready to reclaim our title and the coveted Frying Pan prize at Leadenhall Market's legendary annual Pancake Race .

Skipping through (quite literally) to the semi-finals, we had a good chance to make it to the final and reclaim our title. However, an unfortunate pancake incident in which the pancake ended up on the floor rather than the pan, meant we were out before we even stood a chance.

Don’t worry though with our head offices based in the historic market and with the egg and spoon race just around the corner we are determined to be back and be named champions of egg-related sports once more. 

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