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11th May 2015.

Ethos' Alan Mills takes on the Sonoran desert in Arizona.

Alan Mills is attempting to survive the Sonoran desert for 7 days with just back to basics equipment. 

Starting out with just a map, knife and the clothes on your back, the Desert Drifter sees 10 strangers trek for 40 miles across the Sonoran desert in Arizona for 7 days. 

Despite a phobia of snakes and a dislike of camping, Alan Mills, Commercial Operations Manager at Ethos has decided to take on the course “structured to challenge and quickly wear away self-imposed limitations”. 

Under the supervision of Cody Lundin, a professional survival instructor with over 26 years’ experience of surviving the desert first-hand, Alan will need to learn skills such as creating shelters, sourcing water and finding, catching and killing all of his food, all while avoiding jumping cactus, bears, mountain lions and coyotes in order to survive the harsh Sonoran desert. 

Whether Alan will return to us in one piece is as yet unknown, nonetheless, we wish him the best of luck and hope he doesn’t find any snakes in his boots! 

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