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12th June 2018.

British-owned International Shoe Retailer implement an Online Approval solution.

The client has implemented an Online Approval solution to ensure that the photography of their products reflects the high quality of their products. 

The client is a British-owned international shoe manufacturer, with global product sales.

Due to the nature of the clients business, it is important that the product photography is of a high standard to ensure that it represents the high quality of the products. Traditionally, the client would rely on pre-press houses creating traditional hard-copy proofs for sign-off. However, due to the high daily volume of proofs, this process was becoming impossible to manage and increasingly time-consuming. 

Our partner Workfront implemented their Online Approval solution, working with the retailers' Head of Creative design a bespoke workflow for the client to support their needs. The solution includes Markup Tools, Custom views, Status view, Folders and Archive - making it easier for any of the team, agency or client side, to access and comment on each proof. 

The client is now able to work more effectively with their agency to create high-quality imagery with few amends. The shorter review cycles means that the company is able to benefit from reduced costs and can concentrate on producing more great work. In addition, thanks to the long-standing and successful relationship the client and ProofHQ and the flexibility of the system, the Online Approval solution implemented is continuously evolving to ensure that it reflects the clients' changing business needs.

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