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12th November 2018.

How Ethos helped an automotive rental company improve the efficiency and security of their print infrastructure.

Ethos' Managed Print Services and Print Software Solutions have streamlined their print infrastructure and reduced print costs by 30%.  

Our client, with a strong presence in the UK and Europe, has a long history of innovation in their industry.

Their print infrastructure was highly fragmented, consisting of different manufacturers and models provided by multiple suppliers across EMEA. This resulted in various service contact which made it difficult to measure the true SLA's and cost of print.

We unified their print fleet by implementing an Enterprise Managed Print Service with a wraparound Print Management solution. In addition, we introduced our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution to help track, control and monitor Head Office printing, and a Thin Client solution to help support their Virtual Desk Infrastructure Environment.

Our solutions have enabled them to reduce their print costs by 30%, increase print security and reduce their carbon footprint. We are now the single point of contact for all print hardware and solutions, servicing, maintenance, management and invoicing.

We regularly review the performance of each device in the fleet and make further recommendations to improve the cost or functionality. This pragmatic approach will ensure that as the contract progresses, the client's print infrastructure is continually optimised, costs and internal disruption are minimised but value is maximised.

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