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13th April 2018.

Why a British Postal Museum implemented a Digital Asset & Content Management Solution.

The client has implemented the Enterprise edition of our Partner, ThirdLight's, Digital Asset & Content Management Solution so they can now easily view and share images both internally and externally.

The client is the leading resource for British Postal heritage. its mission is to connect people through the evolving story of communications past and present.

Despite having over 150,000 media files, the client stored all of their digital assets on hard drives. This lead to staff regularly complaining that they could not find what they needed in a timely manner with some estimating that they spent half a day each week searching for the files they needed. 

Our partner, ThirdLight, implemented their Enterprise Digital Asset & Content Management Solution. The solution allows the client to easily view, tag, crop and reformat images. 

The client is now able to easily find and share files amongst themselves as well as with external agencies such as the press and exhibition organisers - including access to the use of images on the web for use in social media and websites. 

Digital Content Development Manager at the British Postal Museum said:

What has impressed us from the start, and continues to do so, is the level of customer support we receive. Direct and rapid support from helpful people means that problems are resolved quickly and with the minimum of fuss. More than that, they are open to new feature requests, and updates to the feature-set, happening regularly. 

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