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13th July 2018.

Wholesale Distribution business refresh their devices and enhance their security with Ethos' solutions.

We reduce costs by 76% with our Managed Print Service and Print Software Solutions.

Our client is a leading wholesale distributor and importer of products such as toys, gifts and stationery.

We have worked with the client for over ten years. We were recently invited in to help them reduce their costs and to upgrade their dated print equipment which was almost nine years old.

Under our Managed Print Services Solution, we implemented three new devices into their office area which provided significantly improved technology.

In addition, we implemented a device within their marketing department which provides faster printing speeds, professional finishing equipment and improved colour quality and profiling to create brand consistency.

All devices feature Secure Release, which enhances the organisation's security and compliance in line with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

We have successfully reduced their print costs by 76% per annum. Under our Managed Print Services Solution, the wholesalers will receive dedicated account management, parts, consumables and maintenance.

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