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15th June 2018.

Automotive client automate their Document Workflow with Ethos.

Our Document Workflow solution has changed the way the client's information is processed and stored.

The leading provider of automotive safety and education has been operating for almost thirty years.

After conducting an on-site audit of their current Document Workflow, we found that the client would benefit from a Data-Capture Scanning Software solution, which will automate the processing of forms that they receive from the public relating to certain services.

Previously, any form received from the public, either by email or post, was processed by a team of people, who manually checked all the information before keying the data into the client's back-end database. Not only was this a long-winded task for staff, it was also costly, inefficient and inconsistent. 

Our solution automates this process by approximately 90%, reducing the number of team members undertaking the job and improving data accuracy as a result. 

In addition, this initial installation has highlighted other potential areas within the organisation which could benefit from implementing our Document Workflow solutions. 

If your business is struggling to manage how documents are processed and stored, we can provide an easier, more efficient, more accurate and more cost-effective way to get the job done. 

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