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15th October 2015.

Ethos 'aces' at Leadenhall Market's inaugural Autumn Fair.

As previous champions of the historic market's egg & spoon and pancake race, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to sponsor Leadenhall Market's first ever Autumn Fair on Thursday 8th October. 

With England out of the Rugby World Cup, city workers have ditched their rugby balls in exchange for golf balls, all in anticipation of Leadenhall Market’s Autumn Fair.  

With our London offices based in the historic venue, we were thrilled to sponsor the event, including branded golf balls.

Those within the square mile were given the chance to compete to win a range of prizes by anticipating in a range of activities including golf putting and skittles.

This year, we are supporting Edie’s Butterfly Appeal and donated part of our sponsorship money to the charity. Set up in July 2014, Edie’s Butterfly Appeal raises funds on behalf of Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group, to support research into childhood ependymoma. 

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