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16th March 2018.

Ethos rationalises BIMM's print infrastructure.

How a Music College benefited from our Managed Print Service Solution.

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) is Europe's most connected college.

BIMM had a disjointed print infrastructure. Each device within BIMM's print fleet was managed by a variety of different manufacturers, all with different contract and invoicing agreements and Account Managers - causing confusion and taking up a lot of the Finance Department's time.

We conducted an evaluation of BIMM's print infrastructure and recommended that they place their print fleet under our Managed Print Service Solution. 

We have rationalised BIMM's print infrastructure, saving the Finance Department time. By streamlining BIMM's print infrastructure, the Music Institute now only receives one invoice and have one point of contact for all their print requirements under our Managed Print Services Solution - enhancing productivity and efficiency. 

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