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17th February 2016.

Ethos complies with The Food and Drink Federation's printing security needs.

How installing PaperCut with PIN Authentication enhanced compliance and reduced print waste for the Food and Drink Federation. 

The Food and Drink Federation is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country.

To begin with, they had no formal documents strategy in place, making it challenging for management to monitor and control their print fleet. In addition, the voice of the UK food and drink industry wanted to reduce the amount of paper being wasted by documents that were being printed but not being picked up. Furthermore, management found that confidential documents were being printed and left around, representing a significant risk to the business’ security and compliance.

We assessed the Food and Drink Federation’s print infrastructure and our audit revealed that they could benefit from replacing their print fleet with Ethos’ Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) and placing them under our Managed Print Service (MPS).

As a result, the Food and Drink Federation’s entire print infrastructure is monitored, supported and maintained by Ethos under our Managed Print Service. Thanks to the Papercut with PIN Authentication solution implemented, employees now have to type in their unique identifier code prior to printing, reducing the amount of print wasted. In addition to reducing print waste, the Papercut solution installed has stopped confidential documents from being left around, increasing the business’ security and compliance.

The Food and Drink Federation said of the solution:

We chose Ethos because we knew the account management we would receive would be second to none.

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