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19th November 2018.

ENT UK secure their print fleet with Ethos' Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution

The professional membership body now benefit from a GDPR compliant print infrastructure and a reduction in print waste.   

ENT UK is the membership body for health professionals working in Ear, Nose and Throat and its related specialities. ENT UK represents over 1,300 medical practitioners including surgeons, trainees and other allied professions such as audiologists.

The organisation needed to improve the security of their print fleet to ensure it was GDPR compliant and so that confidential information did not fall into the wrong hands.

We have implemented our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution across all their devices to create a secure and compliant print infrastructure. Print jobs will not be released from a device unless and unique key card or code is presented, which also reduces print waste by up to 18%.

Once installed, we ensured that all members of staff using the Print Software Solution received training to ensure they understood all the functionalities. We will also provide ongoing support so that ENT UK get the most out of their new software.

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