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20th April 2018.

Direct Marketing firm wins clients with Online Approval Solution.

The Online Approval Solution has improved customer service, provided better custodianship of the proofing process and boosted relationships with larger clients. 

The client is an integrated marketing company founded on the principle of "service first". The direct marketing firms' clients include a number of large corporate organisations with sophisticated workflow and data processing requirements in multiple locations across multiple overlapping projects.

An important part of the production workflow is getting client approval on sample data sets before large production runs start. Sample data is taken and added to a direct mail template to create a multi-page proof. The integrated marketing company was then sending emails with PDF attachments of the multi-page proofs to clients for approval. However, these PDF proofs were too large to email, file transfer was too slow and inefficient and tracking client responses against tight deadlines was very time-consuming.

The client decided to deploy our partner, Workfront's Online Approval Solution to improve its client service and set it apart from its competitors. The online proofing system streamlines the process of managing document reviews, proofing and approvals. Sending proofs with an Online Approval Solution is as easy as using email, but with much better tracking and follow-up, reducing the time and cost of managing proofing. 

The Online Approval Solution enables better customer service and improved audit and archive system for the client. 

Project Manager for the Direct Marketing firm commented:

There have been numerous improvements to our process as a result of using an Online Approval Solution. The return on investment has been invaluable for us as our clients can easily sign-in to the system and download the proof for themselves - making them feel much more empowered and making us much more efficient.

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