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20th December 2018.

Ethos secures and enhances marketing agency's print by 18% with our Print Software Solutions and bespoke service agreements.

The agency will be able to produce colour correct proofs and collateral for their clients which reflects the branded colours shown on screen and maintains brand integrity. 

Ethos’ client is an advertising, marketing and PR agency who work with some of the UK’s top brands.

Their print infrastructure is crucial to the way they present themselves and their innovative ideas to their clients. We will be implementing a fleet of MultiFunctional Devices (MFDs) complete with finishing equipment and Fiery RIPs which are colour managed to meet the ISO Fogra proofing standards. This will ensure the devices produce colour correct output so that the agency can provide their clients with proofs which fully reflect specific brand colours.

Each device will feature Ethos’ Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution to ensure their print infrastructure is compliant, as well as being able to provide print reports and reduce waste by 18%. To work alongside this, a Mobile Print Solution will ensure that staff and freelancers on the premises can print to nominated printers quickly without being active on the corporate network.

An important requirement for the client was the level of service and delivery times for their machines. We have created a bespoke Service Level Agreement which includes fast 2-hour response times and ensures they receive quick, high quality, cost-effective and colour correct proofs with the reassurance of regular engineer site visits for preventative maintenance.

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