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20th June 2018.

Professional Italian Football Club deploy a Digital Asset & Content Management Solution.

The client chose Third Light's Digital Asset & Content Management Solution to centralise, manage and grant access to match day photography to both marketing and playing staff.

As a sporting brand, digital fan engagement is becoming a very high priority for the client. Being able to store, manage and deliver digital media amongst their wide network of photographers, content managers, website developers, players and fans needs to be simple, quick and effective.

With over 52,000 images, the client - a professional Italian football club - were using a variety of different systems and methods to store and search photos which was both ineffective and time consuming. 

The client implemented a Digital Asset & Content Management Solution. The central platform adhered to the clients' requirements of: cloud-based; accessible from anywhere from any device; easy and intuitive to use for both users and administrators; a powerful search engine; configurable permission settings and; able to integrate with Adobe suite.

Thanks to the Digital Asset & Content Management Solution, the professional Italian Football Club now have a multi-functional system that manages all of their photos and media in one central place. This means that the client is now able to quickly and easily share photos and media between multiple departments including Sales and Marketing; Social Media; Graphic Design and the mediacenter. 

Technology Systems expert of the football club said of the solution: 

Digital Asset & Content Management is the perfect solution to manage the end-to-end photo process; from the official photographers upload, tagging and adding metadata; to the internal and external users downloading. It's already having a positive effect on our fan engagement by improving the way we work with digital media and photography. 

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