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22nd February 2018.

The four ways your printer impacts your business' security.

To ensure your business' print is compliant it's essential to understand which elements of your printer pose potential security risks. 

Since it was first announced back in 2012, GDPR has rapidly become a hot topic for all businesses.

However, when it comes to being compliant, printers are often the last thing people associate with their businesses security procedures.

When the 25th May 2018 arrives, companies found guilty of not complying could receive a fine of up to €20m or 4% of their revenue (whichever is greater). Therefore, it's worth getting to know exactly how your print device uses, stores and analyses data.

Printers are not just printers anymore, it's likely that your business instead has a Multi-Functional Device (MFD) which operate more like a PC, connecting to networks and storing data.

1. Unclaimed output 

Once a document is sent to a printer, anyone in an organisation can pick it up. Secure Release/Follow-Me printing removes the risk of printed documents falling into the wrong hands. Documents are only printed/released from the device on the presentation of an authorised person's key card or passcode. In addition to the improved security factors, users can also benefit from reduced printing waste. 

2. Latent images on hard disk/removable drive

Something that is regularly ignored is the fact that your printer stores data in its inbuilt hard drive. When purchasing or leasing a new printer it is important to configure the settings of your device to ensure it is password protected and doesn't remain in its original factory settings. When the printer is retired the hard drive should either be handed back to you or destroyed. 

3. Unauthorised access to functions

With our solution, only authorised people can access specific functions such as print, scan, email or copy. Organisations can monitor and control which employees can operate their MFD with the help of key cards or passcodes. This provides organisations with a full audit trail of activity. 

4. Network security risk

As previously mentioned, printers operate a lot more like computers now in the way they use and store data. This happens the minute you connect your device to a printer via either the cloud, network or Wi-Fi. It's important to ensure your network is password protected and that all user access is monitored. 

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