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23rd March 2018.

Ethos provide IHS Markit with a global Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution.

We provide 3,500 users at IHS Markit with a Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution that has been implemented at various locations across their global print infrastructure. 

In 2015, Ethos consolidated IHS Markit's global print infrastructure supporting their document print, copy and scan strategy at various locations worldwide.

With the merge of IHS/Markit in 2016, the Global Financial Information Services provider were looking to upgrade their existing Secure Release Follow-Me solution, as well as implement the document software solution across their entire print infrastructure.

The implementation of our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution means that 3,500 users at IHS Markit now benefit significantly from: reduced printing costs; an increase in staff productivity; increased convenience; improved document security; adherence to compliance and regulations and; being environmentally friendly.

IHS Markit now have a resilient, robust, global Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution that meets their print strategy requirements. 

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