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23rd November 2018.

Ethos' Community Hero of the Day to be awarded to three-year-old Elmo.

The Go Team Elmo! campaign in aid of Elmo's treatment is the Ethos Charity of the Year 2018.    

The Cambridge United vs Bury match on Saturday, Elliot Michelson AKA Elmo will receive Ethos' Community Hero of the Day award.

After suffering a brain injury at birth, Elmo, 3, has spent more time in hospital in his life so far than some people will in their entire lives. He spent the first month of his little life in intensive care and continued to spend many months in and out of intensive care due to his poor muscle tone. Elmo's family were told that it was unlikely he would see his first birthday, but Elmo has defied all odds. 

There is no cure for a brain injury, but there are treatments and therapies that can reduce the impact the condition has on Elmo. Unfortunately, due to unavailable and limited resources, the NHS cannot support regular or intensive therapy for children like him. 

Elmo's family have and continue to self-fund and fundraise for all his investment and are currently raising money for Just4Children to support Elliot's intensive treatments over the next 36 months. The Go Team Elmo! campaign is currently looking for any businesses or individuals who would like to take on fundraising events and projects in aid of the campaign and would welcome anyone that is willing to support little Elmo and his journey ahead. 

Elmo's mum, Sophie said:

We hold on to the hope that every one of our dreams for him will come true, and with continued extensive therapies, stimulation and all the love that we can give, he will one day walk, talk and be the independent little boy we know he can be."

Elmo and his family will be joining us in match day hospitality, plus, Elmo and his brother will be joining the team as mascots. This video explains why the Go Team Elmo! campaign is so important for Elliot and his family: 

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