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24th October 2017.

Go Team Elmo's Nuclear Race.

Members of the Ethos team are taking part in the Nuclear Fallout Race 2017, in order to help raise funds for Elmo.  

Whilst most of us spend Saturday mornings in November curled up in bed with cups of tea, on Saturday 11th November, the more active members of our team are taking part in the Nuclear Fallout Race. The event, taking place in Brentwood, Essex will involve fun, tough, gritty obstacle races over varied, undulating terrain. Think big obstacles, highly organised events and relentless amounts of mud.

This is all in aid of Elmo (Elliot) a two-year old little treasure. He has spent more time in hospital in his life so far then most people will in their entire lives. Born 6 weeks prematurely and initially appearing perfectly healthy but sadly suffered a brain injury and spent the first month of his life in intensive care. Elmo has a cortical visual impairment, delayed development and very low muscle tone, but he is a very strong-willed and determined little boy. Every day is a struggle but he overcomes every challenge but he has so far been faced with. 

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