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25th May 2016.

By installing Ethos' Digital Print Production System, Danson Primary School improved productivity, reduced printing costs and reduced print waste.

Danson Primary School is committed to ensuring their pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education. 

Danson Primary School wanted to reduce the costs associated with their laser print fleet. Using a fleet of obsolete and slow laser printers, the primary school found that documents were being printed but not collected, leading to print waste. Due to the age of the devices they were using, the school found that their printers were slow and unreliable, and no longer suitable for their needs. Moreover, management found that simple tasks, such as making booklets in preparation for lessons, were taking up staff’s valuable time, leading to operational inefficiency.

We assessed Danson Primary School’s laser print infrastructure and recommended that the school switch to Risograph’s digital print production system.

Risograph’s unique technology includes low cost per page, high printing speeds, controlled quality output and exceptional reliability. In addition, we implemented the ‘follow me’ solution for the school, meaning that any documents printed can only be picked up by the appropriate, and correct, member of staff. We added Risograph’s stapling and folding finishing solution, automating processes for the primary school.

As a result of installing Risograph’s digital print production system, Danson Primary School have reduced their laser printer costs. Thanks to the high speed of the Risograph print fleet, staff now spend less time at the printer. Furthermore, due to the ‘follow me’ solution implemented, staff can now email documents from home and collect them in the morning, reducing the amount of paper wasted. The stapling and folding finishing solution installed has reduced the amount of time staff spend on making up booklets for lessons, improving operations in the school.

The IT Manager at the school said of the solution implemented:

Ethos have enabled our staff to be more productive and freed our teachers to spend more time in classes, and less time preparing lessons. We have also reduced the amount of wasted prints thanks to the follow me print solution introduced.

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