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25th May 2018.

How the World's Largest Retailer of Musical Instruments cut proof management time by over 90% with an Online Approval solution.

The client has switched from walking around hard copies of proofs to processing all content online - saving time, money and manpower. 

The client is the world's largest retailer of musical instruments. To fulfil new product releases and promotions, the client must deliver a multitude of marketing materials; everything from print ads to postcards, in-store signage, radio and TV commercials, web graphics, and more. 

The client typically goes through 2-4 proofing rounds for each proof, with each round comprised of three stages. Everyone involved in commenting and approval receives the initial proof then the merchant group review and approve, send it to the marketing manager then the creative personnel review the latest proof. 

The client relied on traditional hard copies for proofing. This involved printing multiple copies of each proof and walking them to each reviewer for each round of commenting. As the company expanded, so did the volumes of marketing material that needed to be approved. This was extremely manual, clunky and burdensome to manage. If errors occurred, approvers had to search through the archives to find the original comment. 

The client implemented our partners, Workfront's Online Approval solution for marketing teams of any size in any industry who need to deliver marketing projects faster and more efficiently. Unlike email and hardcopy proofing, the Online Approval solution enables review teams to collaborate simultaneously on creative content by streamlining approval workflow across all media - speeding up project delivery and significantly reducing management time, revisions, errors and cost.

Director of Merchandise Operations at the world's largest retailer of musical instruments commented on the solution: 

Since there's no printing involved, the time we spend managing proofs - distributing and collecting them: figuring put who wrote what and what comments to enact - has been reduced by over 90%!

The client now just uploads proofs and it's done. Comments and decisions are made within the comment thread, so now the creative team starts enacting changes before the proof has even come back making the client much more nimble. In addition, they've saved money on paper, ink and manpower in the process. 

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