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26th June 2019.

Echo Brand Design benefit from a new fleet of Xerox machines under our Production Print solution; improving colour output and reducing print costs.

Following our introducing of Echo Brand Design to our partners, Xerox, they now have a fleet of machines with advanced print capabilities that are operating at a reduced costs.

Founded in 2004, Echo Brand Design is a creative branding and design agency based in the heart of London, who believe in creating a better experience though uniting product and brand as one.

Echo Brand Design were unhappy with their print device due to its colour output and slow Fiery Rip speed. With a business focused on strong, crisp colours and superior design and print at its core, Echo Brand Design identified the need to upgrade to a solution that would better reflect their creative work.

Under our Production Print Solution, we introduced them to our partners, Xerox, in part thanks to our expertise and previous experience in producing a smoother collaboration on Xerox machines for Fiery.

Echo Brand design now has a new superior Xerox machine with enhanced print quality abilities under a 5-year agreement. Colour output and Fiery speed has improved significantly, and the client is saving money on their quarterly print costs.  

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