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27th September 2018.

Ethos help creative digital agency enhance their print security, GDPR compliance and reduce print waste.

Our Secure Release/Follow-Me Print Software Solution will help the agency reduce paper waste by 18%. 

Our creative digital agency client specialise in the health industry, helping healthcare brands transform the lives of patients.

The agency were looking to enhance the security and GDPR compliance of their print devices under our Managed Print Services Solution.

We will be implementing our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution to ensure their print infrastructure has increased levels of security and is compliant with legislation such as GDPR.

This solutions means that print jobs cannot be released from the printer unless a key card or code is presented. The agency can control staff's permissions and view a full audit trail of print activity.

As a result, they will see a reduction in the number of print jobs being left on the paper tray and paper waste will be kept to a minimum. On average, our Secure Release Follow-Me Print Software Solution reduces print waste by 18%. 

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