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2nd January 2019.

Barristers’ chambers enhance their print security and reduce the chances of cases collapsing with Ethos’ Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution.

Our Print Software Solution will allow the business to become GDPR compliant, have access to a full print audit trail and reduce print waste by 18%

Ethos’ client is a set of barristers whose core practice lies in patents, trademarks, copyright, designs and all forms of intellectual property. 

80% of barristers in the UK are self-employed and in certain cases, the Claimant and Defendant can be represented by barristers who are members of the same chambers. This means that print security is of high importance for the Chambers due to the risk of documents being picked up by opposing barristers working on the same case.

We worked with barristers chambers to improve their overall print security. We implemented our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution, which means documents are only released from the print device when a personal key card or code is presented, removing the risk of printed matter falling into the wrong barristers’ hands and, minimising the chance of cases collapsing.

Our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution gives the client access to a full audit trail of print activity as well as an 18% reduction in print waste.

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