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30th June 2015.

Ethos consolidates Markit's global print infrastructure.

We are the single point of contact for Markit, a Global Financial Information Services provider - monitoring, managing and maintaining the worldwide print infrastructure. 

When multiple vendors are supporting your office equipment, simple tasks such as ordering toner or requesting a service requires phone calls to different providers.  For a global business such as Markit, this fragmentation can increase ten-fold.
Founded in 2003, Markit employs over 3,500 people in 10 countries. With each office using different partners, Markit was struggling to maintain control of their print fleet.

Initially, we assessed Markit’s print infrastructure in London. Our audit revealed that they would benefit from updating Multi-Functional Devices under our Managed Print Service.

Under this service, we are now the single point of contact for Markit’s print fleet in London for toner, consumables orders, service and solutions.

The introduction of our Managed Print Service in Markit’s London office has been so successful that the provision is to be implemented across every International office, and we now act as a single point of contact for locations all around the world.

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5th July 2019.

Optiva Securities upgrade equipment and saves on their quarterly print costs under our Managed Print Services Solution.

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26th June 2019.

Echo Brand Design benefit from a new fleet of Xerox machines under our Production Print solution; improving colour output and reducing print costs.

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19th June 2019.

International Frozen Foods Supplier increase their print capabilities and reduce costs with Ethos’ Managed Print Services Solution.

Managed Print Service (MPS)


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