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9th December 2016.

Communicate your brand colours consistently and effectively around the globe.

Using ORIS CxF Toolbox & ORIS CxF Designer you can create a consistent and effective message worldwide.

Many of the Design, Creative and Marketing departments have the pleasure of working with Brands, and know how difficult it can be to maintain brand’s integrity across all its various outputs and communications.

The very nature of working within an international network, across numerous locations around the world, means you can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to control the environments your work enters. This can lead to those issues of colour control and a loss of brand integrity. When did a task as simple as sending a file to print become so convoluted?

The variations themselves are numerous, some of the main ones include:

  • One of the many Printers located in another country commissioned to print your file has a different press make or different inks to the one your brand uses.
  • Two colours have to be blended together to make a new one, the order they are overlaid can have radically different outcomes.
  • The physical media being printed on alters the output of the colour.
  • You are looking at a proof printed in Fogra CMYK, when the print will be a Pantone colour.

Fortunately there is a solution available to help Brands, Designers or Printers – ORIS CxF Toolbox and ORIS CxF Designer packages.

CxF stands for Colour Exchange Format. It allows seamless, worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of colour. CxF is defined in a complex open way so every aspect of a colour is communicated.

ORIS CxF incorporates innovative features that simplify colour consistency, document creation and management whilst offering numerous benefits such as:

  • Use of standard file format for brand colours
  • Design files using exact brand colours
  • Export CxF metadata to PDF/X for supply chain partners
  • Ink formulation instructions embedded for easy extraction
  • Match colours, tints and overprints accurately
  • Reduces press setup time
  • Includes tools for reporting quality metrics

There are two CxF products available – both offer different controls for the Brands, Designers and Printers.

ORIS CxF Toolbox converts measured CGATS data from any instrument to CxF data. Any PDF/X file can be analysed with CxF Toolbox to extract the CxF data for tone value increase aims, colorimetry, tolerances and more. PDFs can be updated, new CxF data embedded and output intent profiles defined. Ink formulation data can be stored and read to verify correct ink formulation ingredients and opacity are being used by the final printer; all to ensure your brand colour is the same, from one press run to the next.

ORIS CxF Designer uses already created CxF data provided by either Brands or Printers and imports them directly into the Adobe design software swatch library. CxF Designer automatically exports the full CxF metadata to the generated PDFx file for colours to be created. What is used on screen can be sent directly with the final PDF.

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