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Ethos reduces costs, enhances GDPR compliance & improves Safeguarding levels for a school

Our Managed Print Services and Visitor Management Solutions will revolutionise the way the school operates in terms of its GDPR compliance and meeting the required Safeguarding levels for Visitor Management. 

The Specialist Sports & Humanities College has been a Managed Print Service Solution customer for over five years.

The school had plans to expand with a new building being constructed on their site. As a result, they were looking for ways to improve the sign-in and enhance the printing experience for staff, pupils and visitors.

We began by implementing our Visitor Management Solution across both sites to improve the reception areas and enhance the safeguarding strategy. This is a perfect solution for the Educations sector as it is a slick and secure way of having full visibility of who is on the premises and is ideal in emergencies. Such functionality aligning with current safeguarding regulations and standards.

To cover the revised print requirements in the new building we implemented several new print devices under an Managed Print Service solution complete with Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution to enhance security, privacy and GDPR compliance. This will provide the school with a full audit trail of print activity plus a reduction in paper waste to reduce costs by 18%.


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