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How St Edmund's College benefit from Ethos' Visitor Management Solution.

The sign-in solution allows the school to digitally track staff, students and contractors. 

St Edmund's College is England's oldest Catholic school, offering education for students from the ages of 3 to 18 and for families from all faiths.

We implemented a sign-in solution to help the school manage day-to-day attendance as well as events like open days, to quickly and efficiently manage big groups and meetings. 

Our Visitor Management Solution digitally tracks visitors, staff, contractors and students when they enter and leave the historic site. Due to the size of the campus, a great benefit of using the system is for monitoring the late arriving and early leaving students. 

This data is then tracked and synced with iSAMS, a management information system which collects, processes and stores the data. The native link between the two was a driver in the school choosing our Visitor Management Solution.

The system significantly reduces admin time and provides an added layer of security. The school can retrieve a real-time list of exactly who was on the premises, and when - a great help in emergencies and fire drills. 

To ensure the Visitor Management Solution was consistent with the St Edmund's brand, we provided them with a customised kiosk system which has created a modernised way of welcoming in prospective parents and pupils into the reception area. Technical Services Manager at the College commented:

Our Visitor Management Solution has only been installed for a few months but in that time it has already saved creating reports, signing in large amounts of students, producing visitor badges and writing back to iSAMS has been extraordinary. We are already looking at expanding the system to our Prep School. The reactions and comments from visitors, pupils and staff have all been positive. 


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