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Doner saves up to 4 hours for each round of revisions with Workfront's Online Approval Solution.

International advertising agency uses Workfront to manage its review and approval process, resulting in a shorter revision cycle, cost savings and time for new projects. 

At A Glance: 


> Needed to house all proofs in one location. 

> Needed to share proofs amongst multiple reviewers. 

> Needed to compare proof revisions from one round to another. 


> Review and approval process completed in a more timely manner. 

> Increased efficiency. 

> Saved money on new projects. 

> Saved up to 4 hours for each round of revisions. 

> Review and approval process is now much easier for clients to manage. 


Online Approval.

Automate your content approval process with an online system that improves productivity.

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