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Streamlining digital and content management processes at UKTV.

UKTV is a multi-award winning media company with eleven core brands: UKTV Play, Dave, Watch, Gold, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Really, Home, Eden, and Good Food. It's home to the most popular non-PSB channel in the UK, and reaches more than 42 million viewers every month. A 'David to the Goliath brands', UKTV is the fastest growing Broadcaster in Britain. Like many organisations, they had images all over the place - in folders, desktops - and the workflow was proving difficult to manage. 

At A Glance


> Images stored in different locations.

> Workflow difficult to manage.

> Had a manual process to prepare images for the website and then upload them using different systems.


> Streamlined processes.

> All programme-related images are sourced from the same place for multiple uses.

> Can quickly search for images and related programme assets.

> Simplified the storage, retrieval, and creation process of our images.


Digital Asset & Content Management.

Manage your assets across multiple sites, formats and time zones through one central, effective tool.

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