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How our solutions provided a popular tourist attraction with a secure and reliable print infrastructure.

London Transport Museum explores the story of London and its transport system over the last 200 years. Like many organisations, the London Transport Museum had an extremely fragmented print infrastructure. We are now the single point of contact for London Transport Museum's print fleet.

At A Glance: 


> Extremely fragmented print infrastructure. 

> Had acquired an overpopulated print fleet. 

> Devices were a mixture of makes, models and features. 

> Needed to unify their print fleet. 

> Print needed to be secure and compliant. 


> Single point of contact for entire print fleet. 

> Secure and compliant solution.

> Reduced costs and paper waste. 

> Unified fleet of MultiFunctional Devices (MFD's). 

> Rationalised billing. 

Managed Print Service (MPS)


Managed Print Services.

Create, access, store and print documents efficiently within your business - resulting in cost savings of 30%. 


Print Software Solutions.

Support your organisation's print security operations - reducing costs and fuelling workplace productivity. 

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