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BMI Healthcare Replaces Review and Approval Process with Workfront's Online Approval Solution.

Healthcare, it's one of the most highly regulated industries there is. No matter the size of the practice, facility or healthcare group, there are healthcare compliance concerns that all medical organisations face. For this reason, everyone in the industry operates in an atmosphere of heightened vigilance. Naturally, this includes marketing compliance. 

At A Glance: 


> Client push at least 2,000 pieces of work for approval every year.

> Review and approval process needed an overhaul.

> Little transparency on review and approval process.

> Couldn't be as assertive about their marketing tactics.


> More accountability and clarity for creative review and approval.

> Expedited approval process 90% faster.

> More efficient review and approval process.


Online Approval.

Automate your content approval process with an online system that improves productivity.

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