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How Everest benefited from Ethos' Print Room solution.

The home improvement business is now able to produce marketing materials on demand with an in-house Print Room. 

Everest has a national demand for professional quality colour booklets at a high volume, meaning they frequently require marketing materials to be printed and distributed amongst their staff and 2 million customers. 

Before the implementation of our Print Room solution, the home improvement business outsourced their print jobs from external companies on an ad-hoc basis which wasn't cost-effective in the long run. We implemented a bespoke Print Room solution to provide them with increased levels of productivity and considerable cost savings. 

We installed a state of the art device which provides a professional standard of imaging technology - producing precise, exact colour from all applications, platforms and formats with colour management tools. This ensures all Everest's branding remains consistent and to a professional standard. 

The Print Room also features finishing equipment which allows users to create booklets and other documents directly on their desktop. Users can automate the job submission of repetitive job types to achieve productive, error-free workflows and take advantage of commonly used presets to save time when submitting jobs. 

Our solution has enabled Everest to produce all their marketing materials in-house. This reduces the amount of time spent outsourcing their print and finishing resources by up to 75%, resulting in an average saving of 115 minutes per day, per employee - that's a daily productivity gain of more than 25%. 

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