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Healthcare Data Protection with ZoneFox

Craneware provides software and supporting services to healthcare organisations to help improve their financial performance. Their value cycle solutions discover risk, converting into and optimising value where clinical and operational data transform into financial transactions. Today Craneware employs approximately 250 staff, serving one in four registered U.S. hospitals. 

At A Glance: 


> Security breaches have increased over 32% in the last year in healthcare organisations.

> Security breaches have cost healthcare organisations an estimated $6.5bn annually.

> Needed to protect business-critical client data.

> Needed to complement security defences with the ability to see what was going on with business-critical data.


> Visibility around data flow across the network: where files were going, what files were being accessed by who, what files were coming in, what was going out - in realtime and historically. 

> Audit trail for full forensic analysis to establish exactly what happened, how and when. 

> Can effectively reinforce policies that have helped to eliminate situations where there can be more serious or recurring problems.

> Can now quickly resolve or escalate any policy violations that do occur before serious damage can be done. 


Security & Cyber Solutions.

Secure and manage your business-critical data - protecting your organisation.

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