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Global car manufacturer implements Ethos' Visitor Management Solution.

The client can now welcome and register visitors in a more professional manner.

We will be implementing a sign-in solution within the UK Head Office of a global car manufacturer.

The client was looking for a way to modernise the registration process for guests, creating a more professional welcome.

At present, all guests are registered manually using pen and paper. The car manufacturer was finding that this was proving difficult to manage when several visitors turned up at the same time - particularly at the monthly on-site training sessions.

Our Visitor Management Solution will help make the registration process faster, safer and provide an added layer of security making it easier to manage large and varied groups of visitors.

In addition, the sign-in solution also features a fire evacuation App providing the client with instant information on who is on-site in the event of an emergency.

The client currently carries out such procedures with paper sign-in folders and printed lists of staff, a slow process which is potentially inaccurate. Their new solution will make this process faster, safer and provide an added layer of security.

Visitor Management


Visitor Management.

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