Many organisations need to convert large quantities of information into a digital format.

Despite this their internal scanning process are disjointed – requiring users to scan to email then move that document into a process or storage location from their desktop. When dealing with large volumes, this can lead to errors in document management and a considerable waste of staff resources.

What we offer

Scan Workflow

By automating the scanning workflow will become a cost effective and efficient document workflow system.

With the options of one touch applications directly in to your current systems, this will drive up the productivity of your staff.

Our scanning workflows can automate scanning an turn it in to a single operation.

Using the most technologically advanced, but simple to use on-premise or cloud based software, we can also implement structures for proof reading and auto redaction of documents.

Document Workflow

Our document workflow solution turns your information into real business asset. Freeing up valuable staff time:

  • Seamlessly transfer and view documents between staff making collaboration and communication more streamlined.

  • Transform the way that your organisation shares, stores and tracks information.

  • Track and monitor all document activity – giving you full visibility over your documents.

  • Give employees unique permissions to certain files and folders – adding extra protection and control.
Partnering with industry leading suppliers

Scan & Document workflow in Depth

Ethos use a tried and tested process to automatically recognise document classifications and capture the important information, which can turn a printed document in to an electronic version directly from your multifunctional device.

Our workflows use the latest technologies from all of our partners ensures the best image quality capture in any colour format, with the ability to automatically detect and remove blank pages.

The benefits

Track &



3rd Party
app integrations

Extraction &
automated routing

Opitical Character Recognition (OCR)

Why Ethos

We get to the heart of our customers’ business objectives and our bespoke service allows us to create solutions that ensure you get the greatest possible value from the technology deployed.

With over twenty-seven years’ experience, 2,700+ customers worldwide and managing in excess of 10,000 print devices, we work with the industry leading providers to become part of your extended team – a single contact point for your Managed Print & IT Services needs.

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