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Security & Cyber Solutions.

A Security & Cyber Solution secures your organisation's business-critical data.

The media is often inundated with reports of large-scale data breaches with the ICO reportedly receiving a 160% increase in breach complaints in recent months. 

We specialise in providing solutions to secure and manage your business-critical data - protecting your organisation from a breach. 

Our Security & Cyber Solutions help you to improve internal processes and work smarter. 

> Monitor, record and analyse user activity.

> Receive real-time insights around any risky behaviour.

> Protect end and privileged users by stopping the breach at multiple points.

> Secure access to your organisation's entire infrastructure.

Security, Cyber, Storage & Cloud

Insider Threat Protection

Our Solutions help you protect your critical data against the Insider Threat. 

  • Track, analyse and report on user activity around business-critical and sensitive data.
  • Receive real-time alerts and insights into user behaviour and automatically detect when a user's behaviour changes
  • Identify individual users who present a security threat and receive a full forensic audit of user activity.
Security, Cyber, Storage & Cloud

Zero Trust Security

Our Solution verifies every user, validates their devices, and limits their access and privileges. It also utilises machine learning to discover risky user behaviour and apply conditional access - without impacting user experience. 

  • Prevent the leading point of attack used in data breaches: the password.
  • Protect end users and privileged users by stopping the breach at multiple points. 
  • Secure access to apps and infrastructure across your hybrid enterprise through the power of identity services.

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