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Print Software Solutions.

A Print Software Solution strengthens the security of your print infrastructure and Managed Print Service.

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of documents should be a top priority for any business and taking the necessary steps to protect your information has never been more important than it is today. 

Our Print Software Solutions support your organisation's print security operations, reducing costs and fuelling workplace productivity. 

We have a long history of managing our clients' print and business processes and can tailor our solutions to suit your business' needs.

> Protect your business against potential security vulnerabilities. 

> Implement user authentication to prevent inappropriate use and distribution.

> Track your assets and highlight any unauthorised devices.

> Manage user requests and view an audit trail of activity.

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Secure Release/ Follow-Me

Our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution only releases print jobs once an individual key card or passcode is presented, allowing you to:

  • Monitor and control which employees can use different functions on the Multifunctional Device (MFD).
  • View a full audit trail of activity.
  • Remove the risk of printed matter falling into the wrong hands.
  • Reduce your print wastage by 18%.

Document Workflow

A Document Workflow Solution turns your information into a real business asset - freeing up time, cutting costs and increasing productivity as you can:

  • Seamlessly transfer and view documents between staff making collaboration and communication more streamlined.
  • Transform the way that your organisation shares, stores and tracks information.
  • Track and monitor all document activity - giving you full visibility over your documents.
  • Give employees unique permissions to certain files and folders - adding extra protection and control.

Scanning and eCopy

Many organisations need to migrate large volumes of information in print format to digital. And yet, their internal scanning process is disjointed - requiring users to scan to email then move that document into a process or storage location from their desktop. When dealing with large volumes, this can lead to errors in document management and a considerable waste of staff resources.

Our Scanning and eCopy Solution automates the scanning process to a single operation from a MFD. The print document is scanned and stored direct from the MFD, requiring no emailing of documents from a desktop - saving time and eliminating mistakes.

News & Case Studies

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