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We deliver a range of voice, document and data solutions to over 4,000 customers worldwide, across all the leading providers including Avaya, EE, Gamma, Mitel, O2, Redbox, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, TalkTalk, Virgin, Xerox, BT, Cisco and Microsoft.

So whether you are looking for a single point solution or for Unified Communications across your business, we're the experts.

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Think Green, Think Ethos
Promoting positive social and environmental change: Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Unified Communications

At Ethos, we believe that businesses work best when they're unified. By looking at your Voice, Documents and Data requirements as a whole, we can deliver substantial cost savings and productivity gains.

  • Voice
  • Documents
  • Data

Many companies use a service model to bring down the cost of operations outside their core skill set. While this model's been widely embraced in some areas, many businesses have yet to apply it to their communications infrastructure.

The potential for your business to save money is there, but the complexity of the solutions, the billing procedures and the sheer number of providers involved all work against companies looking to realise these potential savings.

That's where we come in.

We typically save our customers 50% on their telephony bills, up to 30% on their network costs and 30% on their document costs - all while delivering an improved service.

We leverage our wide network of suppliers, manufactures and providers to design the right solution for your business, while ensuring you pay the lowest possible price.

Our Customers

Our 6,000 plus customers regard us as part of their extended team - a single contact point for their managed print services, telephony systems, mobile networks and IT.

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Think green think Ethos

Let’s talk Sustainability

At Ethos, we’ve been delivering communications infrastructure to our customers for over twenty years. Throughout that time, we’ve worked to ensure that our growth is founded on sustainable environmental practices and a commitment to social responsibility across our whole business.

Think green think Ethos

Our Commitment

Ethos Group’s Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy has been developed in accordance with ISO14001 and ISO9001. We continuously review and improve our performance with a view to setting the benchmark for best practice for our industry.

Our Partners

Our Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy goes beyond our core business. We always seek to work with business partners and providers who demonstrate the highest commitment to sustainable business practices.

Our Footprint

Wherever possible, we minimise our environmental footprint, reducing waste by focusing on used packaging management, recycling and energy efficiency.

Our Employees

At the heart of our Environmental and CSR Policy are our team. We educate and train our 200 plus employees to ensure they are up to speed on the latest regulations and that sustainability and social responsibility remains central to everything they do.

Our Business

We review and audit our activities on a regular basis to measure our performance and, by setting company-wide objectives at board level, ensure compliance across our whole business.

Our Customers

All our services and solutions are designed with the highest commitment to the environment in mind. Additionally, the full audit trail our solutions provide helps inform and support our customers’ own sustainable practices.

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